An innovative leader in the cycling industry over the last 50 years, CatEye was reticent to develop and modernize its brand, though consumer perception had become misaligned as the company continued to issue progressive new products. Many cyclists viewed CatEye as an outdated legacy brand, which hindered its ability to compete in a category now dominated by a younger demographic. Historically the brand only marketed itself in bike-specific industry publications, thwarting its ability to attract new cyclists. Moxie Sozo’s media plan included a series of full-page print ads in mainstream active lifestyle titles that appealed to men with an interest in health, fitness, sports and travel. We introduced QR codes to the print creative, adding a new layer of engagement and a highly effective method of gauging consumer interaction. Consumer and dealership feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The highly unique campaign helped strengthen relationships with distributors as it created a fresh conversation and a new perspective on the brand while introducing a new set of consumers to the CatEye product line.

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CatEye Worldwide Ad Campaign



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