Ad Campaigns

Good ads get attention. Great ads are unforgettable.

Moxie Sozo creates ad campaigns that are creatively driven, strategically grounded and culturally relevant. In other words: impactful, intelligent, disruptive and not even remotely formulaic.

We’ve been called a creative agency, an advertising agency, a design firm. Our offices look like a natural history museum, but we’re in the business of persuasion. For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped our clients create powerful and enduring connections with consumers. Our senior-level team has helped launch or grow numerous major brands, minor brands and everything in between. We can create and execute fully integrated campaigns, covering a wide spectrum of media. (Translation: print advertising, digital advertising, outdoor advertising, radio advertising, mobile advertising, etc.)

Over the past decade, the lines between traditional advertising agencies and design firms have become heavily blurred. We consider every consumer touchpoint a potential opportunity to make a sale, regardless of the media or medium. Whether we’re launching a website, designing a catalog or developing a traditional marketing campaign, it’s all an ‘advertising campaign’ to us. Let’s Talk!