Brand Naming - from Products to Businesses

Be memorable or be forgotten.

Moxie Sozo's brand naming creates businesses and organizations that consumers want to engage with.

Brand naming is one of the first and most important steps in brand building. The right brand name is distinct, ownable, memorable, and timeless. It encapsulates a brand’s essence, its personality, and what it stands for.

Moxie Sozo takes a comprehensive approach to brand naming, which involves both our strategy and creative teams. We think expansively about the functional and emotional parameters shaping your business, category, and consumer. Our teams analyze naming candidates based on creative, strategic, cultural, and linguistic implications in order to create an ownable and memorable name that captures the essence and personality of the brand.

In the nearly two decades since Moxie Sozo was founded, we have helped new brands start strong through insightful, compelling brand naming. Today you know them as Justin’s Nut Butter, Gruppo Campari’s Baron Samedi rum, Fourth & Heart, and more.

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