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Case Study

Good Day Chocolate


Good Day Chocolate is a ‘chocolate with benefits’ company offering consumers a delicious mix of flavor and function.

The brand’s products are formulated to satiate stubborn chocolate cravings while delivering functional benefits that address energy, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, inflammation, and more.

Deliverables & Services
  • advertising
  • collateral
  • competitive audit
  • illustration
  • packaging
  • pricing strategy
  • product naming
  • research & strategy
  • trade show booth
  • voice & tone
  • website design
  • website development

Creating demand for a new brand in a new category.

“How do you get people to buy something they don’t even know they need?” When Good Day Chocolate launched, the thought of a “functional candy” was a new concept. Good Day Chocolate was a new brand in a new space, which is an especially tough challenge for a startup that needed to maximize limited capital.


Develop a brand that instantly educates and inspires consumers to make an impulse purchase.


Our team of designers developed a brand that was extremely fun and approachable to sell the foreign concept of functional candies.

We created unique avatars that consumers would fall in love with that also conveyed product benefits in seconds. Moxie Sozo expanded the design to an interactive e-commerce website, marketing, and trade materials, to ensure a cohesive brand experience across consumer touchpoints.


200% growth year-over-year, national distribution and national press.


Good Day Chocolate’s exponential growth has allowed them to increase their product offering from two to six SKUs—with ten more slated right after that.

When they began working with Moxie Sozo, the brand had zero distribution. Today they are in thousands of locations across the country, including Kroger and Whole Foods. (They successfully bridged the natural and conventional channels.) Good Day Chocolate has been featured in O Magazine, POP Sugar, The Washington Post, and the LA Times—as well as winning national industry awards for packaging.


Good Day Chocolate is a reminder that brands which connect emotionally with consumers are the ones that see the highest velocity, equity, and loyalty.