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Expand Reach Without Alienating Your Core Consumer: A Mission Impossible?

Skyla Loud

As a business development manager for Moxie Sozo, a creative branding agency, I frequently receive RFPs. These often read like a love letter from a company to their ideal vendor – no hearts dotting the i’s but they’re full of dreamy expectations and deadlines not grounded in reality.

Recently, I received one from a large CPG brand looking to extend their product line into a new category. The RFP had all of the normal information: company and project background, scope of work, timeline and budget, etc. I thought I was home free, but there it was, the ask I dread most hidden in the research scope. “Expand reach without alienating the core consumer.”


It’s a common request in RFPs sent to branding agencies. But is it really possible?

It makes sense; on the one hand, brands want to grow their reach, take more market share, and attract new customers, but on the other hand, those same brands have worked hard to gain their loyal customers by staying true to their category and consumers. Adding a new product line in a new category is a challenge, as it requires balancing the needs of new and existing customers. Changing direction, even slightly, can alienate existing customers.

So, how do you balance these two conflicting goals?

Consulting with a brand specialist can help you determine what elements of your brand are essential and which can stretch in pursuit of a wider audience.

But I believe there are a few key things that brands can do to increase their chances of success.

  1. Stay true to your brand. Being true to your brand means you cannot be everything to everyone, but with careful analysis, you can determine which elements are vital. At Moxie Sozo, we believe branding is much more than just creating a logo and tagline. It’s about developing a deep understanding of your brand’s DNA so that as you expand, you remain true to your core values.

  2. Remain authentic. Modern consumers are savvy – they can spot a fake from a mile away. With a deep understanding of its values, a brand can genuinely interact with its customers, building trust even as you reposition for growth.

  3. Be consistent. When not done carefully, expanding your brand can lead to an identity crisis. When done well, repositioned brand messages and customer experiences build trust and loyalty through consistency across touchpoints and channels.


A mission impossible? I think not. A brand expert is your guide to navigating these challenging waters. Having an outsider look at your brand can help you honestly assess what is working and how you can grow. At Moxie Sozo, we can help you expand your reach without alienating your core consumers by creating a strong and resilient brand to withstand the challenges of growth.