Graphic Design Apprenticeship

Gain experience concepting and executing high-level visual solutions across a wide range of mediums. Work in a team environment, utilizing all available (and occasionally not available) resources to execute brilliant creative solutions.


Creative cult, seeking fanatical followers. Moxie Sozo is a world-class boutique design and advertising agency, located in Boulder, Colorado. Our accounts have ranged from hip start-ups to international brands like Nike, Nickelodeon and Grupo Campari. Clients hire us to pursue unconventional ideas and push the creative boundaries beyond the traditional norms. This is a rare opportunity for a chance to learn, train and gain significant hands-on experience. Our intensive program is designed to nurture and cultivate designers and illustrators with high potential, similar to a graduate-level educational program but in a professional environment.

Not only will you get to contribute to and learn from real-world projects, but we’ve developed a full curriculum of classes/projects/exercises covering typography, packaging, branding, editorial, web/app design and everything in between.

We will invest significant time in teaching you, mentoring you and guiding you. Apprentices will be required to complete weekly and bi-weekly creative assignments to help hone skills and develop their portfolios.

Do you have a fanatical desire to produce great design? Are you looking for an environment where you can push your work and yourself? Are you a team player? Does your passion for design border on the absurd? Are you naturally caffeinated? Ridiculously positive and upbeat? If so, we may be the place for you.


We accept two cohorts per year. January 15th and July 15th. Each cohort will consist of only 1-3 people, depending on quality of applicants and our ability to manage them effectively. Apprenticeships require a 12-month, full-time commitment. Under special circumstances, we will consider shorter amounts of time and/or different start dates.

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Availability to start
  • References
  • Portfolio (link or PDF under 10MB)

This is an unpaid role, geared towards giving designers and illustrators a fully-immersive experience in the industry. While you will be exposed to real-world projects, much of your work will center around skill-building and portfolio-building projects.

Please do not apply if you do not have the commitment or resources to finish. If you take a position with us, it means someone else is being denied. In order to be fair to all — please put a lot of care and consideration behind your application.

This position does not guarantee you a job at the end. In fact, if your main goal is to get a job with us — you might be supremely disappointed if you don’t. (And we don’t like disappointing people!) If your goal is to improve and learn from one of the best creative teams in the industry — you’ll have an amazing experience.

Please do not call or drop in without an appointment. (If you do so, you’ll be sent home with a small baby, 3 puppies and a bonsai to take home and manage.) It isn’t that we don’t love you; we simply don’t have the bandwidth to manage phone calls from everyone who applies for a job with us. We keep every resumé we receive for at least a year after the position has been filled, but we encourage you to re-submit your resumé if you have applied with us in the past for this or other positions. We’re a growing agency and constantly on the hunt for top talent. Thank you for your interest!

If you would like to send copies of your resumé, small bribes or hard currency — our mailing address is:

Moxie Sozo
1140 Pearl Street, 2nd Floor
Boulder, CO 80302

Thank you + Good Luck!