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If you’re attending this year’s Expo West in hopes of attracting buyers, distributors, investors, and the press, welcome. You are not alone.

Thousands of brands are fighting for the attention of the handful of individuals who could mean the difference between another stagnant year and meteoric growth. If your pitch is built only on the superior [insert attribute] of your product, then you’ve already lost.


Your brand—not your product—is the key to gaining shelf space, opening more doors of distribution, getting a strong valuation, and becoming a media darling. But just because you have a product doesn’t mean you have a brand. In fact, many of the brands here today aren’t competing on brand at all, but on features. Are you one of them?

Say it with me: “Anybody can compete with my ‘what’, but nobody can touch my ‘why.’”

A brand is not simply a communications strategy. It’s a commitment to a way of doing business. It reaches beyond what your product is and what it does to the difference you make in the lives of your customers, and it’s the reason they wouldn’t dream of choosing anybody else.

Embrace it, and you’ll generate revenue (and loyalty). Ignore, and you’ll be forgotten.


Take a step back for a moment and take a hard look at your company.

  • What is your brand? Is it a brand at all?
  • How clear is your message?
  • Does your brand stand out?
  • How relevant is your brand?
  • How consistent is the execution of your brand?
  • How authentic is your brand?
  • How engaged is your audience?
  • Has your internal team embraced your brand’s message?

If you can answer the above questions confidently, congratulations. You’re prepared to have the conversations with buyers, distributors, investors, and the press that you came here for.

If you can’t, here’s how we can help:


We’re offering one-hour Brand Workshops to motivated brands that want to identify and address the issues standing between them and growth. Here’s what to expect:

  • 15 minutes to pitch your business and talk about the challenges you face
  • 45 minutes with our senior strategy team to talk through opportunities
  • Exercises and homework you can do to help strengthen your brand
  • How relevant is your brand?

To be considered, submit your information using the form below by March 31, 2019. We’ll contact you if you’ve been selected.



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