Nurture Life Brand Identity, Packaging, Strategy, and Motion

Brand identity, packaging, brand strategy, and motion for the brand revolutionizing kids’ food in America.


Healthy food doesn’t have to look like health food.





Nurture Life was founded by Jennifer Chow and Steve Minisini, working parents who wanted a better way to feed their kids. The brand offers freshly made, nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for kids of all ages and stages, ready to enjoy and conveniently delivered to families’ doorsteps across America.


Nurture Life may have been one of the first to market, but within a few short years, many more companies offering better-for-you meals for kids had sprung up beside them. Nurture Life offered several benefits its competitors could not—like a broad portfolio serving everyone from babies to teens—but the brand was struggling to stand out against the deluge of me-too competitors.

For Moxie Sozo, the challenge was twofold: to clearly and concisely communicate the brand’s value proposition to each of its disparate audiences, and to breathe new life into the brand with an identity and packaging as fresh and bold as its mission.


The project began with foundational brand, category, and consumer research, uncovering those aspects of the brand that best resonated with our consumers, as well as revealing opportunities for further exploration.

From there, we began articulating the core elements of the brand. The positioning statement solidified the brand’s audience, offering, and primary points of differentiation. A refined portfolio architecture and new consumer personas helped to ensure that the brand understood and addressed the needs of kids and their parents at every stage. A new understanding of the brand’s personality gave Nurture Life a new voice, and the development of messaging strategy and a new brand story brought that personality to life.

Through it all, the brand’s purpose became clear: To raise the standard for children’s food in America. A revolutionary new brand deserves a revolutionary new look.

The new brand identity and packaging were designed to appeal to both kids and parents alike, making Nurture Life a brand that parents love to serve, and kids love to eat.

Nurture Life’s new packaging features the fresh flavors with lively scenes made up of the ingredients each meal contains. After all, why should junk food brands get to have all the fun?

In addition to highlighting the brand’s playful personality with vibrant colors and picturesque scenes, the new packaging improved the hierarchy of messaging on-pack, making it easy for parents to understand at-a-glance what each meal offers.










What we’ve really valued about the Moxie Sozo team is that they’re great strategists and creators. They’ve done a fantastic job of really understanding our customer and value proposition, what we want to accomplish as a brand and company and brought that to life in our new branding and packaging. The team is also a pleasure to work with, always interested and willing to go above and beyond.

Jennifer Chow