Santa Fe Brewing Co.

Website and motion graphics for New Mexico's original craft brewery.


The new brings the brand to life online with an intuitive interface and infectious energy. Motion, animation, and the use of contained videos, GIFs, and still photography throughout help to convey the personality of the brand without distracting from the real reason most visitors stopped by in the first place: beer.

One of the best ways to get a feel for a brewer’s personality is to visit their brewery or taproom. For locals and visitors alike, the site makes finding the nearest Santa Fe taproom easy. It also gives site visitors around the world an immersive look at each of Santa Fe Brewing Company’s taprooms with walkthrough tours, up-to-date tap lists, and even nearby recommendations for a bite to pair with your brew in the off chance they find themselves in town.
And because trial is one of the most powerful tools for growth for any independent brewery. The new site utilizes a best-in-class custom beer finder that helps visitors track down Santa Fe—including telling them which beers are on shelf and how recently they were put there.

There are even a handful of easter eggs for anybody who’s stumbling around the site after one too many.