Packaging and motion for an industry leader in the golf category.

TaylorMade is an industry-leading manufacturer of golf clubs, bags, balls, and other accessories.




TaylorMade is loved by consumers and professionals like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Rory McIlroy for its stream of innovative products dating back four decades. The company is dedicated “to creating the best performing golf products in the world.”


While consumers revered TaylorMade golf clubs, few consumers gave their golf balls the same respect. At the time of our engagement, TaylorMade held the 6th position in the golf ball market against brands like Titleist, who dominated with 80% market share. TaylorMade had the superior product and athlete representation, but not sales. Their packaging did not effectively convey the advanced technology and quality to consumers.


Moxie Sozo developed a premium design that did justice to their high-end products and spoke to their target audience of premier, low handicap players.

TaylorMade needed a solution that would change people’s purchase habits and tempt them to try something new. Moxie Sozo’s design articulated the advanced technology of the ball, incorporating 3D graphics, multi-level embossing, debossing, spot gloss, matte finishes, and custom die cuts.


Within months of Moxie Sozo’s packaging relaunch, TaylorMade turned the category on its head, going from 6th to 3rd in the market. Today the brand is closing in on 2nd place.

The success of the TP5 and TP5X packaging redesigns opened the door for TaylorMade to greatly expand its portfolio of golf balls, stealing market share and shelf presence from its category rivals. Moxie Sozo has worked with TaylorMade on many of those product launches and redesigns, extending well beyond golf balls.

  • From 6th to 3rd in category following new packaging launch
  • Unprecedented 20% revenue growth in 2018
  • 135% increase in TP5/TP5x sales volume from 2017-2019