Brand Strategy & Positioning Development

Make yourself matter

An innovative brand strategy from Moxie Sozo grows brand awareness, drives sales, and increases conversion rates.

Intelligent brand strategy solidifies an organization’s position in the minds of consumers. It’s a distillation of who you are, who you’re not, what you believe, and why consumers care. But more than that, it lays a sound foundation on which every expression of your brand is built—from the user interface and graphic design of your website to the integrated marketing campaign that will compel consumers seek out your brand online and on the shelf.

Moxie Sozo synthesizes market research, audience segmentation, and consumer psychographics into a clear brand architecture, positioning strategy, platform, and messaging strategy that change the way your consumers—and your category—think. Then we’ll help you execute it with traditional and nontraditional advertising campaigns, innovative website design, iconic packaging design, compelling branded content, and more to make sure your brand isn’t just noticed. It’s idolized.

As a top brand strategy agency in Colorado, Moxie Sozo knows how to develop a brand positioning strategy that boosts sales, brand equity, consumer loyalty, and overall brand value. We’ve done it for brands large and small across industries as wide ranging as craft beer and natural foods to automotive and travel. Let us show you what we can do for you. Let’s talk!