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Navigating the Branding Dating World: Moxie Sozo's Expert Guide

Skyla Loud
Choosing the right partner is hard; just ask all the countless people swiping right to find love on Tinder. While choosing a branding partner might not seem as serious as a life partner, one should not sleep on how important the decision to find the right agency partner is. Sadly, I do not have a ton of dating tips, but I do have enough knowledge to help navigate the world of partnering with a branding agency that can help your beverage brand be a brand that consumers thirst for. 
Here is my handy dandy guide to help any brand navigate the labyrinth of selecting the best agency partner: 


1. Expertise

Just as you would not trust your mom to set you up on a blind date, you would not want to entrust your beverage brand to an agency that needs to be more knowledgeable about the industry's nuances.

With over 25 years of experience, Moxie Sozo recognizes that brands are not just looking for beautiful work, brands are also looking closely at the success of that work. It is important to any brand that their chosen agency understands the unique challenges and opportunities their specific industry might face. 


2. Strategic Approach

A good date will take their time to understand your quirks, listen to your thoughts, and inquire about who you are at your core. The right agency should be doing the same. The right agency will take the time to understand your brand's essence, target audience, and desired positioning. Moxie Sozo works hard at accomplishing this by customizing workshops that assist us in co-creating a brand strategy that resonates with consumers, ultimately setting you apart from the competition. 


3. Creative Prowess & Design Intelligence 

Although dating apps tend to be more appearance-focused, looks are not everything. Moxie Sozo's Chief Creative Officer, Derek Springston, said: "Design should prioritize functionality and enhance the user experience." Your brand's visual identity is the first impression, but it is not the only impression. 
For your brand to succeed, it needs an agency that can create eye-catching, memorable designs. These designs need to capture the essence of your brand, but also understand that "...although creativity is crucial, it's not a miraculous cure-all. Well-designed products alleviate one concern, but a brand's success is measured by consumer reception and subsequent financial rewards." 
Consider agencies with a portfolio of stunning branding work that showcases not only their creativity, but also their intelligence around design. 

4. Collaboration

Have you ever heard the saying, “It takes two to tango?” This popular phrase may be talking about people in and out of the dating scene but can directly relate to finding the right agency partner. Branding is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Collaboration and co-creation should be expected, not requested. The right agency will treat you as a partner, working closely with you to understand your vision and goals, while incorporating your feedback throughout the whole process. 

5. Results

According to Thriving Center of Psychology, there are more than 127 million single people 18 years and older living in America, and they're all looking, hoping, and maybe even praying to see results from online dating apps. Fortunately for brands, there are far fewer agencies than there are singles in America, and thankfully most agencies will be able to provide proof of results. It is important to remember that you should not just take an agency's word for it; ask for tangible proof of their success. A good agency partner will not only fulfill this request but will display them proudly. Do not be afraid to take a gander through case studies that showcase how agencies have helped other brands achieve their goals. For a solid example of what you should be looking for, you can review Moxie Sozo's case studies HERE
At Moxie Sozo, we understand brands' unique challenges and opportunities in today's ever-evolving market, and we are here to listen and collaborate. We're not just another branding agency; we're your perfect match, guiding you through the complex journey of brand building. 
If you're ready to swipe right on a branding journey that will quench your thirst for a unique branding experience, contact Moxie Sozo today.