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Beyond Aesthetics: Functional Considerations in Beverage Packaging Design

Moxie Sozo

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and you’re strolling down the beverage aisle at your favorite local grocery store. You stumble upon an adorable can with mysterious contents, and your curiosity takes over. Suddenly, you’re at the checkout buying a whole pack. This scenario is all too common, and as hard as it is to admit, most of us will judge a book by its cover—or a beer by its can. 

While aesthetics are a major selling point when it comes to beverage package design, though, they’re not everything. To turn curious consumers into loyal customers, your beverage needs a little something extra, and we’re not just talking about taste. Everyone loves the nostalgia of a classic Coca-Cola glass bottle, the convenience of a Gatorade squirt bottle, and the satisfaction of punching the straw through a Capri Sun pouch. 

In other words, when it comes to beverage package design, you must balance functionality, usability, and durability. What does this mean? Read on for the biggest considerations.   



In the highly competitive beverage industry, staying ahead means not only catching eyes but also ensuring quality. Choosing the right material for your product is a pivotal first step in influencing its safety, freshness, and overall consumer experience. Here are some of the most popular materials used in beverage packaging to consider for your products: 


Glass Bottles

Glass stands as a pillar of trustworthiness in the packaging world. Its allure isn't just aesthetic; it boasts hygiene, durability, and sustainability. Glass bottles can be repurposed and are 100% recyclable, aligning perfectly with the growing consumer preference for sustainable packaging—after all, 63% of Americans prefer to buy products with sustainable packaging. Moreover, unlike some materials, glass won’t taint your beverage’s flavor, preserving its true essence. 


Aluminum Cans

Lightweight and highly recyclable, aluminum cans are a popular choice, especially for carbonated beverages. Their strength enables efficient transportation while reducing material and resource usage. Withstanding pressure and impact, aluminum cans ensure your drink arrives intact and refreshing.


Paperboard Cartons

For those prioritizing sustainability, paperboard containers offer a compelling option. Crafted from renewable and biodegradable paper resources, such packaging is not only environmentally friendly but also low carbon. Choosing paperboard demonstrates a commitment to both eco-consciousness and quality. 


Plastic Bottles

Renowned for their durability and safety, plastic bottles provide a practical option, particularly for startups. Their resilience makes them ideal for transportation and storage, ensuring your product remains intact from the production line to consumer’s hands. Additionally, their affordability and food-safe properties make them an accessible choice for beverage companies of all sizes. 



When designing your beverage’s packaging, you don’t want to miss the mark on its use. If it turns out to be difficult to open or prone to leaking, for example, consumers will stop purchasing it. 


Testing your product with several different groups of people will yield valuable feedback from real users about how you can improve. User experience is a core component of your product’s success, so you want to ensure a hassle-free experience from purchase to consumption to disposal. 



We touched up durability when discussing materials, as it’s key. A robust package protects your product while enhancing its appeal. Consider your target consumers' lifestyles—would they take your beverage to the gym, on a picnic, or on a road trip? Aim to create packaging that becomes their trusted companion in all endeavors.

Beverage branding companies must perform a balancing act when it comes to making a product both captivating and functional. It’s important to consider factors beyond aesthetics when designing your beverage packaging. 

Ready to create a new beverage packaging design or update an existing can or bottle? Moxie Sozo can help. We specialize in creating beverage brands that people thirst for. Reach out today to get started.