How Relationships Drive Business Outcomes

Brie Schaezler
Being in Account Service for a branding agency requires more than just being a subject-matter expert, action-oriented, and organized. I think the good ones have that plus the ability to read minds and serve as therapists, financial advisors, comedians, cheerleaders, brand guardians, and confidants. All of these skills are amplified when our clients bring us into their inner circle.
As Group Account Director at Moxie Sozo, I thrive on developing meaningful relationships with our clients. Understanding their business, holistic project goals, drivers behind those decisions, opportunities, challenges, and the journey to achieve them keeps me coming back each day. In my experience, knowing and understanding the minutiae is really where the secrets lie.
Speaking of secrets, this tidbit about me certainly isn't one for all who know me: I LOVE golf. I do have a passion for it (for some silly reason) although my handicap says I need to practice a lot more.

Every shot matters in golf, but playing for the next hit is equally important.

Creating disruptive packaging or a killer website is just part of it. Planning a full go-to-market plan from the initial opportunity, data analytics, business planning, branding, launch strategy and activations establishes the needed roadmap for success.


Mental toughness is crucial.

Think about Tiger Woods: he didn't become the #1 player in golf overnight. He (or maybe his Dad in the beginning) had a multi-faceted approach to becoming a winner. From visualization, hours of practice, understanding the always-different weather and course conditions, carefully selecting his clubs and golf balls and tweaking them so they were just right, to employing mental trainers and a swing coach, he literally worked on all aspects of his business methodically. You could say this logic resonates with launching a new brand or product and the similar strategic mindset needed. This same dedication to process translates perfectly into the world of branding.


Grit, perseverance, knowledge, and hard work go a long way but so does assembling the right team that understands your goals, and wants to help you achieve them. 

Success doesn't happen overnight and in my experience, one-off projects usually don't create enough impact to affect larger business goals. People who are aligned with your goals, challenge the status quo, and aren't happy with good enough are the ones you want.
Clients who entrust us with their brand growth goals, sales data and velocity targets per channel allow us to harness our expertise and experience to act as part of their team in the pursuit of becoming #1.

Your passion becomes ours, and that commitment to do better fuels better work.

In business, as well as golf, each shot matters and the team you surround yourself with does impact your outcome. Grab your club and let us help drive your success.