Packaging Design

The art of seduction or the art of war?

Moxie Sozo creates iconic packaging design that is immediately recognizable and impossible to ignore or forget.


No marketing battlefield is more competitive than the retail environment. Packaged products must out-think and out-compete every surrounding brand on any store shelf. Failure to stand out often means failure, period; brands rarely get second chances.

The best package design in the world instantly engages consumers on both rational and emotional levels. This is where Moxie Sozo excels.




Use your space on the shelf for a place in the cart.

If executed well, packaging can have a tremendous impact on sales volume. In fact, highly effective packaging is frequently the most efficient and cost effective investment a brand can make. Fewer than 1% of consumers ever visit a brand’s website, but 100% of them must interact with that brand’s packaging.

When you’re packaging that turns casual passersby into passionate fans, we’re ready for you.


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