Case Studies
Case Study

Bootstrap Brewing Company


Bootstrap Brewing Company is an award-winning independent craft brewery located in Niwot, Colorado.

Steve and Leslie Kaczeus founded Bootstrap Brewing on a bootstrap budget. They set out to be a “kick-ass brewery” with easygoing beer that didn’t go easy on the flavor.

Deliverables & Services
  • brand identity
  • brand positioning
  • collateral
  • illustration
  • packaging
  • research & strategy
  • retail display
  • voice & tone

Penetrating a competitive market.

Bootstrap Brewing launched in 2010 along with 129 other craft breweries all vying for consumer attention. Without a huge advertising budget, their packaging had to make them stand out in on an increasingly crowded shelf. That’s a big challenge for a small brand.


Create a visually arresting packaging system that retail buyers would stock, consumers would try (and share), and the press would talk about.


Moxie Sozo designed a system of intricate full-bleed labels that brought Bootstrap's vibrant personality to life.

Rabbits raced manically around their Insane Rush IPA can while beavers feverishly gnawed into large branches for their Sticks Pale Ale. The hand illustrations depicted each beer’s name with spirited scenes filled with hidden images and vignettes. On shelf, the packaging created a striking billboard effect.


Rapid distribution growth, category domination, media attention.


Bootstrap Brewing, an obscure brewhouse from a small town, quickly expanded to 550 stores within a 60-mile radius of their brewery.

Their “Insane Rush” went from being a taproom favorite to the top Colorado IPA. The packaging also gained media attention, with one reporter noting, “…Taken all together, Insane Rush IPA is one of those rarities where the art on the outside of the can mirrors the quality and attention to detail inside.” Moxie Sozo has a history of influencing the visual language taking place within categories. We help large brands stay relevant, and small brands, like Bootstrap Brewing, dominate for their first time.