A point of service for the craft industry.

It began as a conversation between a couple of tech geeks who love craft beer. (Or are they beer geeks who love tech?) Not long after, Arryved was born: the first point of sale system designed explicitly for the craft beer industry and serving hundreds of the nation’s best known brewers.


Point of sale technology for the service industry has remained relatively unchanged for more than a hundred years. Even the best known “digital disruptors” are based on the same old model, with a fixed, central terminal acting as a kind of black hole, drawing waitstaff inevitably in (and with them, sucking the “service” out of the service experience, too).

Arryved is different. With a unique product, a cult following, and a compelling story to tell, the brand engaged Moxie Sozo. Our challenge? To prepare the brand for further growth and success by claiming its place in the category with a clear value proposition, an approachable new identity, and an intuitive new website.


Unlike most point of sale systems, which adapted new devices to an antiquated service model, Arryved created an entirely new model that embraces mobile technology to give waitstaff the freedom and flexibility to spend more time creating exceptional experiences and developing meaningful relationships with guests and less time running back and forth to place and fulfill orders.

It’s not just a point of sale for the craft industry. Arryved is a point of service—and not just for craft beer, but for any beverage-centric craft establishment: wineries, cideries, meaderies, distilleries, seltzeries, and more. 

From this insight, Moxie Sozo developed a brand and messaging strategy around the benefits a fully-mobile point of service system offers. Then we set about bringing it to life visually.

The refreshed Arryved identity brings the warmth, energy and service orientation of the brand mark, with a friendly, free-flowing icon and typography, which make the brand distinct and approachable. The website takes that showcase one step further, highlighting the fun-loving, people-loving (and beer-loving) brand, bridging the gap between a technology brand and a passion project.

The website also clearly articulates the brand’s offering, making it easy for prospective customers to understand what Arryved is, what it does, and—perhaps most importantly—what it can do for them.