Founder, Keith Robbins, opened his first scoop shop in 1985 on the island of Oahu, a place where everybody’s got a smile on their face and sunshine in their hearts. In his little scoop shop, Keith spent every waking minute exploring ice cream’s delicious possibilities, crafting one delectable flavor at a time. All the while, he drew his inspiration from the surrounding utopia. It wasn’t long after tasting mochi that he began perfecting it, too—and perfect he did. 

In 2018, we moved from Hawaii to the Mainland for the space to bring mouthwatering mochi to the masses. All these years later, we’re still following Keith’s daring lead, making the best ice cream you can get from the best ingredients we can find. Why? Because even the littlest nibble of ice cream this good can take you to a delicious wonderland, and that’s a trip we want to help you take a whole lot more often.

For ice cream lovers who crave novel experiences, Bubbies is the super-premium ice cream company offering new paths to ice cream paradise. Our mochi ice cream and other perfectly portioned escapes take you straight to heaven, are made from the best ingredients to the highest standards, and offer fun new ways to enjoy ice cream anytime.


Teaming up with Bubbies Ice Cream, we set sail to introduce an experience that matches the fun personality of the brand. And without sacrificing the ability to capture and communicate the super-premium nature of Bubbies ice cream and their inclusion of the highest quality ingredients. The new website was in deep need of a re-think and how we could offer new paths to ice cream paradise. 


On an expedition to guide the adventurous to a  world of unbeatable ice cream experiences, the Bubbies website provides just this as a hub for mochi ice cream and other perfectly portioned escapes. took their packaging refresh on a trip to the digital space — keeping a connected/cohesive look & feel to their audiences. Transitioning between packaging and their web presence, Bubbies offers their ice cream lovers the same reasons to believe and serves up new ways to flavor euphoria. 

The consumer’s adventure creates engagement with even the smallest aspects on the website. Bringing the bubbies call-to-actions to life, we introduced a micro-interaction that delves into a mental model for ripping a perforated ticket – providing the excitement and gratification that with every call-to-action there is an opportunity for a new adventure at every twist and turn. 

Our bite size treats are hard to resist, and so we featured these mochi ice cream snacks to display with their inner contents and ingredients revealed. With this taste appeal approach forward, we’ve trickled our illustration throughout to allow our audiences to lose themselves in this digital visual adventure.